Updating Skycontroller (1) via USB

1 – Get a small USB drive, format it in a windows computer to FAT or FAT32.
2 – Download the update file (plf) from the link.
Firmware Version 1.7.4
3 – Make sure the controller is charged up 100%, plug the HDMI from the controller to a TV screen.
4 – Copy the plf file directly to the USB root directory.
5 – Insert USB into the controller USB port and turn on the controller.
6 – The update will initiate as soon as it powers up and you will see the progress on the screen.
Once done, you can connect your phone/tablet to the Skycontroller Wifi. (don’t need the drone for now).
Once you establish connection between controller and phone/tablet via Skycontroller WiFi, you can confirm its connected by viewing the skycontroller battery % inside the app on your phone/tablet.
After confirming a good connection between controller and device you can proceed to connecting the drone to the controller.
7 – Turn on the drone and wait for it to complete booting. (Solid bright RED light and constant fan spin)
8 – Tap on connect on the main screen of the app. This will open the drop down and list the drone, tap on the drone to connect to it.


  • If for some reason you are unable to find the drone, with the drone turned on press and hold the power button until you hear the fan stop. Than release power button and allow it to reboot 2 times. After rebooting twice tray to connect to the drone again.
  • If you are unable to connect to the sky controller from your device, with the HDMI connected to the TV and the controller turned on, navigate using the joystick to the network menu on the built in APP and change the network frequency to 2.4GHz this will make the channel visible to all phones / tablets.
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