How to fly my BEBOP 2 over water?

0 – Ensure your flight location is not restricted and KP index for the day is within limits. Weather permiting.

1 – Before you do any flying over water, do a battery endurance test a day or two before your flight. The battery endurance will allow you to determine the actual battery runtime and not the printed theoatrical time. (Charge it than go for your flight with peace of mind knowing the real runtime of your battery).

2 – Keep it moving. Fly slow and steady over water, if you intend to fly low. This will ensure your ultrasonic sensor does not have enough time to ping past the waters surface. If you intend to stop and hover, you may do so but climb to a highler altitude for safe hover.

3 – Easy does it. Keep it at a controlled considerable speed, not too fast. If you fly fast over water and land you will encounter the “ground dive maneuver” this is because when you push the drone to fly fast it pitches forward at an agressive angle. In turn the ultrasonic sensor is directed to the back of the craft instead of below it exceeding its limits it will register a higher altitude because of the lengthier distance from the drone to the rear as opposed to drone to directly down to the surface.

4 – Charge them up. The last thing you want is for any of your devics to go dead while you are flying over water. Charge them all UP. EVERTHING!!! Charge yourself too if you are feeling low!!

5 – Most importantly, have loads of fun! Bring your drone home and fly around over land to deplete your battery. I like to land the drone by 17% always…

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